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Release Notes

For a complete description of the changes you'll experience in PortfolioCenter after installing this version, review the 5.19 release notes, which include information about new enhancements, resolved issues, and known issues.

32 Bit Operating System Users:

PortfolioCenter version will be the last version to support operating systems that are 32 bit for standalone and database server installations. If you have any questions please contact our technical support team.

Non-Supported Windows Versions:

PortfolioCenter version supports Windows 8.1 or higher and Server 2012 R2 and higher. If you have any questions please contact our technical support team.

System Requirements

Review all system requirements for your configurations before installing.
Standalone Configuration | Network Configurations

Installation Instructions

Use these instructions for installing or upgrading PortfolioCenter. See System Configurations for information about configuration options.
Installing PortfolioCenter | Upgrading PortfolioCenter


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