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PortfolioCenter 5.16 is a release that is broad in scope, this release addresses many facets of the workflows in areas of presentation, billing, and reporting. The scope of the release was broad enough that only an abbreviated list of enhancements can be provided below. Complete details can be found here.

Performance Calculations

Transaction Writer
Improved messaging with regards the manual inputting of transaction data. The enhanced messaging will eliminate the possibility that the manual input of a transaction will exclude establishing a principle cost for many security types. Excluding this data previously would lead to unintuitive IRR results.

Account Performance Summary, use of the Since Inception checkbox in the Edit Date Range dialog under certain scenarios could have led to unintuitive results usually manifested as an NA.


Average Value Billing
This release addresses some inconsistency in the calculation of Billing tiers at the 6th tier and above. Billing tiers 1-5 were not impacted and were not changed.

Billing Batch Job Reports
When a billing statement batch job is run multiple times with the same parameters some inconsistency in the displayed information could be observed.

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