PortfolioCenter Enhancements 5.18

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PortfolioCenter version 5.18 is a release that addresses bug fixes and enhancements to continue to deliver best of breed performance and requested updates to the PortfolioCenter application. We have added functionality to read the new data files from Raymond James as well as other requested updates from our client base. These are not all the updates included in the release but do outline the larger requests. See the release notes for a full list.

Ability to Add More than 20 Paths in Interface settings “Paths and Assignments”

An enhancement has been added to all Interfaces to allow more than 20 paths. This has been a request for clients that have multiple masters, rep codes, and other custodial designations.

Ability to read New Transaction Codes from DST FAN Mail Interface

The interface provider, DST Fan Mail, has created new transaction codes that prior to version 5.18 were unable to be translated.

Ability to run Capital Flows and Valuation as a Group Report

In PortfolioCenter 5.18, we have added the ability to run the “Capital Flows and Valuation” report on Groups. Previously, this report was only available at the portfolio level.

REIT Translation update for Incomes - Schwab interface

The following Schwab transaction codes have been added to our PortfolioCenter translation: [DFR (Income Reinvest Cash Only), NDFR (Income Reinvest Shares Only), RADJ (Withdrawal)].

Ability to translate and utilize the new Raymond James Interface New file Format

PortfolioCenter now has the ability to read to the new RJTPD data files. In addition to providing more robust data for most file types, we have added the functionality to get, track and reconcile cost basis to bring this custodial feed in line with others that provide cost basis data.

Enable use of PortfolioCenter with TLS 1.2

  • PortfolioCenter 5.18 will support the use of TLS 1.2 in its communication with SQL Server.
  • SSL and TLS are protocols that provided transport-layer security between communicating applications, such as PortfolioCenter and SQL Server. All versions of SSL and versions 1.0 and 1.1 of TLS are deprecated and will no longer be supported with this version.
  • Note that if users want to disable SSL and older versions of TLS, the version of SQL Server used with PortfolioCenter must also support TLS 1.2 and up: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3135244/kb3135244-tls-1-2-support-for-microsoft-sql-server

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