Learn How

Whether you're new to PortfolioCenter or an experienced user, you can gain a better understanding of system functionality and learn how to do specific actions. Explore the range of resources and documents in this section designed to help you get the most out of PortfolioCenter.

Working with Direct Interfaces or Data Aggregators

Work with various custodial interfaces to download and post data into PortfolioCenter.

Working with PortfolioCenter Transactions

Transaction data is the core of PortfolioCenter reporting. Learn about the Transactions Grid and ways to enter and manage portfolio transactions, including cost basis adjustments.

Working with PortfolioCenter Data Management Tools

Use powerful PortfolioCenter data management tools to supplement data entry, maintain data or organize data.

PortfolioCenter Performance

Using PortfolioCenter performance reports can help you manage portfolios and communicate return information to your clients.

PortfolioCenter Billing

PortfolioCenter offers a flexible, customizable billing module to help you calculate management fees for your clients using portfolio values.

Portfolios, Groups and Sets

Work with and organize portfolios to facilitate family portfolio accounting, global reporting and other batch administrative functions.

Models and Rebalancing

Use models to keep portfolios balanced with the types of securities that match your client's investment strategy.

Exporting Data from PortfolioCenter

Extend your ability to access and analyze PortfolioCenter data. These documents help you create custom reports and show you how to use the data with compatible third-party applications.

System Administration

Learn how to manage PortfolioCenter serial numbers, backup the data, test backups, install and configure SQL Server and manage user access to the data through security rights and roles.

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