Working with PortfolioCenter Performance

Understanding how to set up, calculate and explain report returns correctly can save you time each quarter. This section provides information about starting the performance process and best practices for producing accurate reports.

Program settings can affect how performance is calculated or presented on reports. The documents in this section guide you through various program settings and help you decide the correct settings for the results you need.

Intervals are the cornerstone of most of PortfolioCenter's performance reports, so calculating and using them effectively can be a crucial step in producing performance reports. The documents in this section help you calculate and work with intervals efficiently.

Selecting the best performance reports for your clients can help you communicate more effectively with them. The documents in this section help you select the right reports for your clients and set them up correctly. When report calculations lead to questions from your clients, the documents in this section help you identify and explain calculations.

Portfolio Performance Reports and Settings

Graphical Performance Reports and Settings

Asset Class Performance Reports and Settings

Global Performance Reports and Settings

Report Calculations

Information Required for Calculations on the Performance Analysis Report

Comparing Performance Calculations with Other Report Calculations

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