Working with PortfolioCenter Reports

Reports are an important tool for communicating with your clients. This section provides you with information to help you understand, customize and batch print PortfolioCenter reports and client presentations. For more information about performance reports, see Working with Performance Reports and Report Calculations.

How you present information is a key component of how you communicate with your clients about the health of their investments. In PortfolioCenter, you have many options to meet this need. This section will help you determine the type of reporting options that work best for you.

Client Presentations give you more options to communicate with your clients and provide you with visually appealing graphical designs. This section gives you documents that explain the settings, features and suggested uses for each presentation, page and theme available.

Client Report Presentation Specifications

Page Specifications

Pages are the cornerstone of your presentations and contain all the relevant data points with the information you want to convey to your clients. Use the specifications in this section to help you select the best pages for your presentations.

Cover Pages

Use these pages to give your presentation a polished look.

Holdings Pages

Use these pages to give your clients a high-level snapshot of the value of their portfolio.

Overview Pages

Use these pages to condense data to a single page to help drive more efficient communication with your clients, including holding, allocation and performance data.

Performance Pages

Use these pages to give your clients more detailed performance data for their portfolio.

Billing Pages

Use these pages to provide invoices to your clients.

Client Communication

Use these pages to customize communication with your client by creating letters, full-page disclaimers, or mailing pages.

Theme Specifications

Knowing the data points available on client presentations can help you decide which presentations and pages you want to give your client. Use the documents in this section to be informed about the data provided on the presentations and pages.

The documents in this section will help you learn about printing reports for your clients.

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