Security Rights & Roles

Your data is central to your organization, and should be protected. The Security Rights and Roles module can help you protect your data by providing you with the tools you need to control access to your data. The documents in the first two sections describe the features and give you the information you need to get started and implement those features. The remaining documents give you more detailed and specific information about various ways to use the Security Rights and Roles features.

The documents in this section will help you learn more about the features available in the Security Rights and Roles module.

New to Security Rights and Roles? Start here to learn the basics about Security Rights and Roles and the steps you need to take to get the module set up correctly for your firm. The documents in the other sections provide you with more in-depth information and reference once you have Security Rights and Roles implemented and functional.

Selecting the appropriate security scenario can be the key to an easy set up and configuration. We have identified some common scenarios as a starting point. You may also have the need to have better controls over certain parts of the programs. The documents in this section show you how, step-by-step, to configure these scenarios and practical applications using Security Rights and Roles.

Scenario: Shared Clients

The Shared Clients scenario assumes that all users of PortfolioCenter see all - or most - of the clients in the database. Access to the data is limited only by roles within your office. Use the documents in this section for guidance on configuring these scenarios.

Scenario: Individual Advisor

The Individual Advisor scenario assumes that data entry, operations and systems personnel have access to all data, but the individual advisors can only see the portfolios they manage. Use the documents in this section for guidance on configuring these scenarios.

Scenario: Advisor Teams

The Advisor Team scenario assumes that each advisor has his or her own data entry, operations and system teams and, although all the data is in the same database, the access for each team is limited to only the client-base they serve. Use the documents in this section for guidance on configuring these scenarios.

Practical Applications

You may have a specific security need not covered in one of the scenarios above or need additional security for certain items in the database. In this section, learn more about ways you can apply security to certain parts of your database.

Use the documents in this section to understand the levels of security, each of the permissions and how to apply them.

Understanding Permission Definitions

The key to setting permissions correctly is to understand what permissions and rights can be granted and at what level. Use the documents in this section to understand permissions to apply them appropriately.

Understanding and Editing Security Profiles

In this section, learn more about the Security Profiles, how to create, and edit them.

Applying and Testing Permissions

In this section, learn more about applying permissions associating the Security Profiles with Users or User Groups, and then learn how to test those applied permissions using the Effective Permissions tab.

Security Sets can help you control access to certain parts of the database. Use the documents in this section to gain a better understanding of Security Sets, how to create, navigate, and manage them.

The Table Audit feature can help you better understand the changes made to your database, when and by whom. The documents in this section help you understand the ramifications of using the Data Table Audits, how to enable audits, and how to run and read reports to see the changes made.

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