PortfolioCenter System Administration

Learn how to manage PortfolioCenter access, backup and test PortfolioCenter data, install and configure SQL Server, and manage user rights and roles.

In this section, learn how to access and manage access to PortfolioCenter, getting oriented with PortfolioCenter in a network, and use the PortfolioCenter Management Console.

Working with Serial Numbers and Logging In
In this section you'll find information about entering your serial numbers, logging into PortfolioCenter, opening datasets, and checking the version you are currently using.

Copying Portfolios to Another Dataset
In this section you'll find information about copying portfolios into other datasets.

Proper settings can affect how the data appears and is processed on reports. Review the documents in this section to ensure you understand the program settings and are using them to meet your needs.

Backing up your data is an important part of your business processes. In this section, learn about the various options you have to backup data, how to use those options and how to restore and test your backup.

PortfolioCenter Restore and Testing Instructions
In this section you'll find instructions for restoring and testing the PortfolioCenter backup.

PortfolioCenter data is built on the SQL Server platform. This section covers information about SQL Server and how to use it with PortfolioCenter.

Installing SQL Server
In this section you'll find instructions for installing supported editions of SQL Server.

Using SQL Server Tools and Features
In this section you'll find instructions for backing up your PortfolioCenter database.

Your data is central to your organization, and should be protected. The Security Rights and Roles module can help you protect your data. The documents in this section discuss the Security Rights and Roles module for PortfolioCenter, how to set it up and how to operate the features. See the Security Rights and Roles page for a complete list of documents.

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